Heated Seats

Our After Market Heated seat system can be fitted to all makes and models of cars from Mercedes,Audi,BMW and VW to Ford,Nissan and Toyota. Operated by a simple two stage switch tastefully positioned in the car.

So you have decided to have your car fitted with DK Leather so why not heat them up with DK Heated seats

The heating elements use carbon filament technology this is commonly used as manufacturers original equipment and ensures rapid and evenly distributed heat.

The DK Schweizer heated seats system can be used in all makes and models of cars whether fitted with leather or cloth seat trim.

Heated seats are fast becoming one of the most sought-after upgrades especially in conjunction with a leather interior..

If you’re a Main Dealer or an Independant you need never risk loosing another sale due to the lack of heated seats. Whether your car has a cloth or leather interior DK can heat them up.

Like most DK Schweizer Equipment our heated seats can be fitted on site, at your dealership or for individuals just drop the car off with us and we will fit on the same day.

Our heated seats are covered by our comprehensive a one-year warranty.

  • Heated seats can be easily fitted to the front seats of most Mercedes-Benz models with original Mercedes-Benz dash mounted switches. Heated seat pads are fully integrated within the existing seats and can be fitted to fabric and leather upholstery. Switches have multiple heat settings.

To enquire for a quote on your specific make and model, please get in touch with us below.